Do you want to detect, prevent and handle plagiarism?

We are subscribed for the URKUND anti-plagiarism detection software that lets you check student papers for text similarities against millions of sources (academic and others). It is seamlessly integrated with the eCourse, so assignments are inspected automatically as they are submitted by students; or you can upload papers for plagiarism detection through your account on the site directly. If you haven't activated your URKUND account yet, please contact us to get training and assistance.

Please, consult with us when you check your students' senior theses because sometimes there is some misunderstanding in the interpretation of the results.

Check if your students understand what is plagiarism

This ten-question quiz with examples devised by Indiana University can help students improve their knowledge of plagiarism and develop good academic practice. Just share the link below with your students, preferably on your ecourse pages.

Helpsheets and video tutorials
To help your students recognize what plagiarism looks like and what strategies they can use to avoid it, provide them the following links below.