Computer science is a scientific discipline about the patterns of information processes in various environments, as well as about the methods and means of their automation. The academic discipline is aimed at the formation of the information culture of future specialists and the ability to use the applications in solving various problems. 

The first part of the course will give an overview of the fundamentals of computers: bits, bytes, files, operating systems. Then, Microsoft Word and Google Docs will be introduced and useful features will be explained. These include comments, tracking edits, grammar checking, and correct citations. This module will be concluded by the first midterm, which will be a practical work where students have to create and format a complex document. 

The second module introduces Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, giving attention to good presentation design and features such as graphs, animations, links, and slide layouts. In the second part of this module Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets will be introduced and their basic features, such as formatting and simple formulas, will be explained. This module is concluded by the second midterm, where students use PowerPoint and Excel together to analyze simple data and create a presentation of their findings. 

The final module focuses on advanced features of Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets like more complex formulas, importing and filtering data, and creating different types of graphs. Depending on the progress throughout the semester, towards the end of the module, a brief introduction to Microsoft Access may be given. The final exam will require students to combine what they have learned in this course to analyze a real-world problem using data in Excel or Google Sheets and to then present their findings using Word and PowerPoint.