Entrepreneurship is a Call to Action. The current world scenario with all its inherent complexity requires bold, ambitious, and courageous leadership and action from all stakeholders. The pursuit of opportunities is the essence of Entrepreneurship. The main objective of the course is to encourage students to generate innovative project ideas that contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG
2030). This course offers a practice- based and experiential learning approach to curate an entrepreneurial mindset. The entrepreneurial drive is a skill-set required beyond start-ups. It is not a personality trait but set of capabilities that can be learnt. The mindset is as valuable in growing a family business, partnering with government, fostering corporate innovation or a leading a social impact venture.

The main objective of the course for understand and experience how innovation & entrepreneurial activity can be key contributors to more dynamic, inclusive & sustainable society. The course will focus on the cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset that is required for addressing challenges of our complex world and converting ideas into opportunity. This mindset is as valuable to growing a family business, for launching a corporate entrepreneurship project or in leading a social impact start-up. 

In first part of this course, Principles of management is about formulating and implementing an organization's major goals and initiatives based on a systematic analysis of the external and internal environments. Strategic thinking and leadership skills are essential for coping with change and achieving growth, competitiveness and sustainable development. In 2nd part Human Resource management is a central function of any organization. HR management can be defined as the effective use of human capital in an organization through the management of people-related activities. It involves leadership, values, employment planning, recruiting and selecting employees, training and compensating them, and evaluating their performance. It also significantly influences the corporate culture and norms